We strive to make our game as fun and fair as possible for all players. However, a few things are not acceptable and may result in removal from the table or event.


The following are our rules of official poker, which must be obeyed at all times to preserve the integrity of our game and the rights of all players. 1. This rulebook is copyrighted by Bob Ciaffone, a regular columnist for Card Player magazine and an authority on cardroom rules. It may be copied freely for non-profit use by any person or business, but only with a credit to the author (Robert Ciaffone).

2. A player is responsible for his or her own chips and cannot receive “coaching” from guests at his or her table. This includes advice on hand and board possibilities. Guests are not allowed to look at any hands, even their own. Guests also may not discuss hands with other players or the dealer.

3. A player who believes a mistake has been made in awarding a pot has an ethical responsibility to call the error to the attention of a floorperson or supervisor. This will help to keep mistakes from being repeated.

4. When a player has an obvious winning hand and it is his or her turn to act, the player is encouraged to show the cards without delay. This will help speed the game up.

Players must always buy in for the minimum amount required by management. If a player is not able to buy in with his or her current total chip stack, he or she must move to another seat.