Official betting is where bets are settled based on the result given by an official governing body such as the MLB. This is in contrast to alternative methods of settlement, such as a game being postponed or abandoned before any play has occurred. If a game is abandoned before the first ball is bowled, bets are void. However, bets will stand if the game is played and at least four and a half innings are completed, and all markets will include overtime scores where applicable.

All bets are settled based on the official result outlined by the official governing body of the competition that the teams are playing in. This includes a game being won by a team that has not been awarded a victory in accordance with the rules of the competition or if a match is declared a no contest decision due to injury or disqualification. In ice hockey matches, all bets on games, periods and team totals will include overtime. A bet on the winner of a particular period will also include any shootout scoring.

If a player, coach or manager is banned from participating in WBSC competitions as a result of disciplinary action by a member federation of any national sports league, then any bets placed on that person will be void and stakes returned. This includes any bettor who may have shared inside information about a WBSC event with the banned individual. This is similar to how professional gambler Joseph Sullivan was banned from baseball in 1919 for paying eight members of the Chicago White Sox to fix a World Series.