idn play is one of the top Asian poker networks, and it is now the 2nd biggest network in the world (according to PokerScout). This Asian-focused network focuses on Asian traffic and caters to international players who prefer to grind vs weak locals. The rake percentage is set at 3% and is a lot less than what you’ll find on other poker sites, making it an ideal network for mass grinding.

The interactive experience of idn play is immersive and allows the interactor to engage with the protostory by picking perspectives and taking decisions. This approach enables comprehension without imposing the cognitive reduction that is inherent in many traditional forms of representation such as journalistic articles. The hermeneutic engagement that is offered by each traversal of the IDN also increases the understandability of the complex narrative represented, which can be described as a hermeneutic spiral applying Hayles’ concept.

IDNs can represent complexity on both societal and personal levels, such as the complexities of the underground economy of the illegal drug trade in the Netherlands in The Industry (Duijn Interactive Director, 2018). Another example is the game Papers, Please which explores the conditions of life in totalitarian regimes by allowing the player to become a border guard. It is important to educate audiences about the use of IDN as a form of complexity representation, and this can be done through school education and high-profile critique (similar to film critics) in broadsheet newspapers and TV channels.