Official poker is a term used to describe a particular type of game. The rules of the game are set, and players are expected to adhere to them. However, there are some instances where the rules are a little more discretionary.

For example, there are some etiquette issues that can occur. There are also some unwritten rules that are not necessarily mentioned in the rule book, but are considered part of the poker experience. Some of these unwritten rules are optional, and others are strictly enforced. If you know them, they will help make your game a success.

Using the right poker table etiquette is important, and will help you enjoy the experience. These rules include maintaining a clean chip stack, and keeping hole cards close to your chair. Also, remember to be courteous to dealers and guests.

During the game, players may call, raise, or fold. The amount of the bet will vary depending on the stakes of the game.

A player’s hand is not revealed until the final betting round. This is called the showdown. All the acting players’ cards are revealed. It’s best to avoid discussing your hand with other players.

Another rule is that you cannot change your seat until after play has started. You can, however, ask the dealer for a clock. Typically, you’ll be given 60 seconds.

Other common poker etiquette violations include angle shooting, or misrepresenting the stack. These are ways to get around other players’ bets.