Poker is an exciting game with a wide range of rules. Having a full understanding of the official poker rules and the unwritten etiquette can improve your game and the atmosphere at your table.

The most popular form of poker is Texas hold ’em, which has replaced seven-card stud as the main game in casinos and other gambling establishments. This game is played with a standard deck of 52 cards, which can include one or two jokers. The highest five-card hand wins the pot.

Players ante something (amount varies by game) before being dealt cards. After that they make bets into the center of the table, known as the pot. Generally the player to his or her immediate left acts first, then betting goes around the table. Players may fold, call or raise a bet. Unless a player is all-in, his or her cards are mucked when the action is over. If a player exposes cards with the action pending, it is considered a dead hand. If a player’s cards are accidentally exposed when they have been pushed forward (“helicoptering”), the hand is not ruled dead.

The dealer should not require one player to ante more than another. In addition, a dealer cannot require a player to show his or her cards to anyone at the table. During a hand, a player may not reveal his or her cards to anyone except the TD. Similarly, a player may not discuss strategy with other players or spectators.