The Official Poker Rankings is a free website that contains information on poker tournaments and players’ rankings. It also includes statistics about the ROI of the prizes, the number of players who won a certain tournament, and other important information. It offers free poker tournament results as well as statistics about multi table poker tournaments. It has a lot more information than just the rankings though. If you are a poker player looking to improve your game, the Official Poker Rankings is an excellent resource.

This year’s Poker Masters series will begin in a few hours. There are seven events that will determine who will be crowned the 2018 Poker Masters champion. To follow the action, you can follow the series on PokerGO and on the official Poker Central website. Throughout the series, you can listen to live streaming and social media commentary. Ali Nejad, Nick Schulman, and Jereme Ausmus will serve as commentators. Maria Ho will also return to the sidelines.

There are a few more unwritten rules in poker. One of them is to not show your hand after you have folded. This is considered unethical. It can take several forms, but there are some that can be categorized as “angle shooting.”