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There are several rules that determine how a new player is dealt a hand. First, he or she must sit at a table. If the player is absent, he or she will be put in the worst possible position and will have a dead hand. In addition, absent players are not allowed to leave their seat during the hand.

For those not able to make it in person, the Poker Masters is live-streamed on PokerGO. The broadcasts include live commentary as well as social media commentary. Aside from that, Poker Central will provide updates on the tournament, including player interviews and leaderboard breakdowns. The tournament will conclude with two days of $100,000 NLH Main Event action. The final table is scheduled to take place on September 15.

Other terms used in the game include dead card, dead hand, and dead collection blind. A dead card is one that cannot be legally played. A dead hand is one that is not played at the end of the hand.