Official betting is sports wagering on real-time events regulated by states. It takes place through licensed sportsbooks. While most bets are on football, basketball, baseball and hockey games, specialized bets in areas like horse racing and golf can also be placed.

PURDUM: The NFL and other leagues have been fighting legalized sports betting. Their argument is that it could lead to more attempts at fixing – or compromising the outcome of games for gambling purposes.

There are more than 30 states with sports betting, and the most popular bets in all of them involve NBA and MLB games. In addition, many people are placing bets online on games played outside the United States.

The Supreme Court’s ruling in 2018 has opened the door for sports betting in the United States. And with that, people have been asking questions about how to bet responsibly.

The first official betting operations opened in Connecticut and Delaware shortly after the Supreme Court decision. Colorado legalized betting in 2021 and is allowing residents to open accounts at multiple operators. However, there are restrictions on bets on in-state collegiate teams. In Minnesota, lawmakers passed legislation in 2022 to allow sports betting at three in-person locations and on online sites. Massachusetts sports betting is expected to launch in 2023.