The ruling by the Supreme Court of the USA that struck down PASPA allowed states to institute sports betting at a variety of establishments. Currently there are 30 states with legal sports betting, with Florida and Maine recently allowing wagering to begin. The NFL has gone through a complete 180 pivot since the ruling, with their stance on sports betting changing dramatically and in many ways embracing it. ROTT’s David Purdum joined us to talk about the changes.


All bets are settled on the official result of a game outlined by official governing bodies. Any games postponed or abandoned that have not seen a minimum of four and a half innings played will see bets void unless they are rescheduled and played the same day. Similarly, bets that fail to reach the required number of rounds in a fight will be deemed void if no decision is made or a boxer retires during the fight.

For futures markets involving leagues, tournaments and cups, results will be determined by the final table as set out by the official governing body. Amendments to the final table following the completion of a competition, such as points dedications, will not affect bets. All goals scored will contribute to totals in ice hockey markets, including overtime and shootouts. Similarly, a winning bet in an outright market will be settled as the team that immediately lifts the trophy. Exceptions may be made in specific markets such as goal scorer.