In poker, there are many official and unofficial rules that you should follow. Following them properly will not only improve the atmosphere at the table, but will also help you win more games. For example, you should not angle shoot – a common but unethical move. Angle shooting involves a number of tactics that can be harmful to the game.

There are several ways to learn more about official poker rules. The first is to visit to find out about all of the rules. These rules are used in most of the major tournaments across the globe. These rules are designed to ensure that everyone plays by the same set of rules, regardless of the location.

Another important rule to understand is that absent players will always be dealt a hand, regardless of whether they are present or not. If they are not at their seat, their blinds, antes, or forced bets will be placed for them. Otherwise, they will have a “dead hand.” Depending on the stakes of the game, it may take a long time for the game to be finished, so it is best to read the rules before playing.

Another crucial aspect of poker etiquette is to fold your cards properly. The best way to fold your cards is to slide them toward the dealer. Avoid mucking your cards aggressively, as it may hurt the dealer or cause a card to fall to the floor. This tactic could lead to a lengthy game delay, and could even be considered abusive.