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The history of the modern lottery begins, Cohen writes, with a “convergence of two forces.” Growing awareness that there was money to be made in gambling collided with state budget crises resulting from rising population, inflation, and war costs. Balancing the budget became difficult for many states, especially those with generous social safety nets; raising taxes or cutting services was extremely unpopular with voters.

Supporters of state-sponsored lotteries argued that they would help fill state coffers without increasing state taxes and thus keep more money in the pockets of average citizens. But evidence quickly put paid to this fantasy. Lottery proceeds are tiny compared to the enormous sums that states spend on programs like education and health care.

What’s more, the money that lotteries bring in is a volatile source of revenue. As Cohen points out, lottery sales rise during economic downturns, when unemployment and poverty rates are higher, and in neighborhoods that disproportionately include poor, Black, or Latino residents. In addition, the ad campaigns used by lotteries are designed to create addictive habits; in this respect, they’re not so different from those employed by video-game manufacturers. Even if you’re not addicted to the lottery, you might be playing it for all the wrong reasons.