After the Supreme Court struck down federal prohibitions on sports gambling, individual states jumped into the market with differing regulatory approaches. Indiana, for example, quickly became a top-five handle state thanks to its swift action on legislation that has led to both retail and online betting. Other states are also making strides, with Virginia offering online wagering through several operators and Minnesota preparing to open its first sportsbook in 2023.

The NHL does not have a formal policy on sports gambling, but the league’s collective bargaining agreement specifies that players and those working for teams or the NHL cannot place bets on NHL games while they are at team facilities. This rule also applies to players and employees while they are on the road for a game or while at a hotel for a team trip. Those who violate this rule can receive up to one-year suspensions.

In addition, the NBA strictly prohibits its officials and employees from placing wagers on events related to the NBA. This includes futures bets, which are placed on the winning team of championships and other events. NBA personnel also are prohibited from offering a bribe to fix a match or event. Seeking, offering or accepting a bribe to fix a sporting event can lead to indefinite suspensions. The league conducts independent integrity monitors and in-house investigations of any alleged violations. The NBA does not disclose the names of those who are investigated.