Official betting is the act of placing a bet on an event or outcome, and getting paid if that outcome happens. It can take many forms, including moneyline bets, spread bets, and parlays. It’s important to understand the rules of official betting before you begin, so you can avoid any confusion or violations of the NFL’s gambling policy.

PURDUM: The sports leagues were really against legalization at the outset, but they’ve done a 180. They have multiple partners with sportsbooks, including MGM, Caesars, FanDuel, and DraftKings. There are sportsbooks inside of NFL stadiums now, and there will be more coming in the next couple of years.

It’s still important to check out each site before you place a bet. Look at customer reviews, but don’t take them as gospel. Also, check out the types of bets available, and see if they offer anything unique that you might want to try.

Lastly, don’t make your bets on games that aren’t part of the regular season. This is a common mistake that can cost you big. You should only bet on games that you know well.

The NHL’s collective bargaining agreement states that “Gambling on any NHL game is prohibited.” However, players and those who work for the team or the league can bet on non-NHL events if they are in compliance with WBSC regulations. This includes any event in a multisport competition that the person is participating in, such as the Olympics.