The NFL has concluded that ideal sports gambling legislation would have clear markets, protect consumers, and require operators to disclose betting odds. It would also prohibit insider betting and place the onus on operators to do so. In order to make the legislation a reality, it needed the support of all 32 NFL team owners. These owners fall into four groups: NFL teams, NBA team owners, NHL team owners, and MLB team owners. They have a stake in DraftKings, an online sports betting platform.

The NFL had long held a line against legal sports betting. It ruled that teams in states where gambling is legal could not allow sportsbooks to operate betting windows or kiosks inside the stadium. In the past, the NFL prohibited such betting lounges, but in recent years, the league has permitted such facilities. In fact, in July of last year, the Arizona Cardinals announced a partnership with BetMGM, and will open a retail sportsbook. It will not be a part of the stadium, but on separate land. In addition, stadium signage was allowed to be installed.

The Illinois Gaming Board recently approved six new sportsbooks in the state. The state’s new gaming rules now allow for mobile sports betting, and DraftKings and FanDuel have joined the ranks of other major sportsbooks. Illinois residents can even register for sports betting services online, giving them more options to place bets from their homes. The new law makes mobile sports betting easier and more convenient than ever. The Illinois Gaming Board still needs to approve more sportsbooks in the state.