There are more ways than ever to play the lottery, including online. It’s not only convenient, but it doesn’t decrease your chances of winning. In fact, it makes them higher. The best online lottery sites have great customer support, SSL encryption, and secure payment methods. Plus, they’re regulated by gambling commissions.

To make lottery online purchases, you must first create an account and add funds to your wallet with a credit or debit card. This can be done from the “Deposit Funds” page in your profile. Once you’ve added funds, head to the Games Hub and select your lottery game. You’ll be able to choose from the Powerball, Mega Millions, and Illinois Lottery games as well as smaller pick games such as Pick-3 and Pick-4.

You’ll also want to consider the number of jackpots and prize levels available. A good way to increase your odds of winning is by playing in a syndicate, which is often offered by the top online lottery websites. These groups of players purchase tickets in bulk and split the winnings based on how many tickets each person purchased.

Another important factor is how a site pays out winners. Some sites only pay out prizes and jackpots to players who reside in the state or country where the lottery operates. Others act as lottery agents and actually buy official lottery tickets on your behalf, then credit your account with any lower-tier prizes you win. The best lottery sites have long histories, high payout records, and watertight terms and conditions that ensure players receive their prizes.