Official betting is the process of making a legal sports bet at an approved online or mobile sportsbook. It involves several steps that are often confusing to new bettors. However, these steps can be overcome with the right knowledge and tools.

Professional football: NFL games are arguably the most popular sporting events in the world, with Sundays ringing in a larger betting handle than any other day of the week. Spread bets, totals and moneylines are the most common ways to wager on NFL games.

NFL Playoffs: The NFL playoffs are a bracketed event based on divisional seedings, conference champions and wildcard clinches. A unique once-a-year betting opportunity opens up when the playoffs roll around.

Major League Baseball: This is another sport that enjoys a huge fan following, as its players and fans are incredibly loyal to their teams. During the regular season, spread bets and totals are popular, but bettors can also make live, in-play wagers on this game.

NHL: While the NHL isn’t quite on the same level in terms of overall popularity as the NFL, it remains one of the most popular sports in America. In the fall and winter months, this game sees a surge in betting action when the Stanley Cup playoffs come around.

College basketball: This is the sport that many seasoned handicappers shift their attention to after football season has wrapped up. In addition to spreading bets and totals, college basketball is also a great place for live, in-play wagers as the games move forward and each team makes adjustments.