Having a good understanding of poker rules and etiquette is very important in order to make your game more enjoyable. There are a number of unwritten rules in the game that you should know, and a little understanding can go a long way in winning more money.

The first rule to remember is that you should always treat people with respect. This means that you shouldn’t be rude or snide when you are in a tournament or card room.

You should also avoid making fun of mistakes that you may make while playing. This is a violation of the code of conduct, which means that you can be ejected from the tournament or card room.

Another rule to remember is that you should not touch your opponent’s chips. This can interfere with your view of the cards.

You should also not reveal the contents of your folded hand before the betting is finished. If you do, the other player could claim your hand, causing you to lose the pot.

You can also take some of the money from the pot and use it for side bets. You will not be able to use your own money to do so.

Before you start the first betting round, you should ask the other players to sign in at the table. You should also explain the rules to new players.

You should not put any of your own chips in the pot, or make any sort of side bets. You should only use tournament chips at the table.