Unwritten Rules

Having a good understanding of poker etiquette and the unwritten rules will improve the game for everyone at the table, as well as help you win more. Often, players don’t even realize that there are some unwritten rules – especially at live games where players can sometimes act out of turn.

Verbal Declaring a Move

When you say “I’m going to make a bet”, “Raise”, or “Call” out loud, you are held to that action. This is especially important if you’re the dealer, as it ensures that your actions are respected by others at the table.

Protecting Your Hand

A player’s hand is their most valuable possession and should be protected from theft or injury. This includes protecting it from being damaged by other players, as well as from other objects that could be used to destroy the cards.

Angle Shooting

In poker, angle shooting is a form of cheating. It can include various things, such as collusion with other players or using a cell phone during WFP finals.

Getting the Odds Right

There are many different variations of poker. Each one has its own rules, ranging from the number of cards dealt face up or down to how the hands develop between rounds of betting. However, most of them have common rules that involve some round of wagering. Some games have more than one round, and some require a forced bet to start the action.