Several sports organizations are staking their claim on official sports betting partnerships. The leagues are looking to use data from their official partners to create live odds for their games. In the process, they could boost the reliability of their sports books.

The NFL is taking the first steps toward that goal. Last year, the league licensed video to sportsbooks worldwide and allowed sportsbook-sponsored betting lounges in its stadiums. And, the NFL found that fans like using sportsbook apps. But, the NFL still prohibits true betting windows.

It also allows its broadcasters to use odds to support football observations. They can also add betting lines and spreads to the bottom of the screen. They can also offer free-play games.

The league has also made strides to combat corruption. For example, they have implemented gambling-related training for players. They also have forged partnerships with betting operators, like DraftKings, to provide fans with a wider range of wagering options.

But, there’s more to official sports betting partnerships than meets the eye. In fact, the most impressive one might be the ones that don’t happen. For example, the NFL might not be able to provide its data to its AGO members. The league has held talks with several sportsbooks.

The PGA Tour is also getting into the official betting game. The tour’s Scott Warfield is vice president of gaming. The tour announced a multi-year content and marketing partnership with DraftKings. The tour also introduced a contest that allows fans to win cash from studio analyst Terry Bradshaw.