The official lottery is a game that you can play online or at a local retailer. The odds of winning are good and many states have nice jackpots. You can get an idea of the odds by checking your state’s lottery site.

There are many types of games. They include scratchers, lotto games, instant games and others. Some games even have bonus numbers. Typically, a combination bet pays better than a boxed bet. However, you can’t bet on your own numbers.

Many states offer online versions of some of their scratch-off games. This includes Mega Millions, Powerball, and Mississippi Match 5. In some cases, players can use official lottery websites to check their ticket numbers and find out if they’re a winner.

Another benefit of the official lottery is that you can get your tickets from a secure vendor. You can buy your tickets online and you can use a legal online courier service to ship your tickets.

You can also download a state lottery app to help you find retailers. These apps are particularly helpful if you want to scan your ticket for a second chance draw.

The official lottery website also offers a variety of other features. For example, the official sites usually charge the same price for their tickets online as in the real world.

Official lottery websites may even offer a promotion or two. This can mean that you get extra mileage from your ticket. If you do win, you’ll be able to claim your prize.