Many sports leagues have begun introducing official betting deals. The NFL, for example, has announced deals with three sportsbooks. The deals give the betting companies access to official league data, as well as the chance to promote their relationship with the league. Marketing campaigns will tie brands to on-air and online statistics. This is an important relationship for both the NFL and the betting industry, as the NFL stands to make a lot of money from the deals.

The NBA, NFL and MLB have all made official betting partnerships. In addition, MLB and NFL teams have made their sports betting deals with DraftKings. This gives sports fans in the U.S. a new and exciting way to place their wagers. DraftKings, for example, is the official betting partner of the New York Jets.

Sports betting partnerships have quickly spread across the US in the last three years, and brands aligned with sports leagues can take advantage of this opportunity to reach their fans. However, a common denominator for these partnerships is that they must find common ground. For example, a sports league can’t have a successful partnership with a betting site if its players don’t understand the implications. This means the sports league can’t ignore the importance of education in reaching out to sports fans, and vice versa.

Another factor that is important to consider is customer support. A good sports betting website should have excellent customer service. In addition to FAQ articles, there should be phone and email support available.