During the last three years, official sports betting partnerships have exploded across the United States. In many cases, these partnerships are more complex than meets the eye. They involve more than just a naming rights agreement.

Official betting partnerships are a way for companies to align on a common vision. They also give industry movers and shakers a chance to come together. This is especially true when companies have complementary components to offer. For example, a sports league and a betting operator will often partner to create a product that is both easy to use and appealing to sports fans.

For example, the NFL has forged partnerships with betting operators like Caesars and DraftKings. This allows the NFL to put betting content and commercials in the stadium. This was not possible when sports betting was illegal. It was also prohibitive to place betting kiosks or true betting windows in stadiums.

The NFL began researching the legalization of sports betting and spoke to governing bodies and gaming operators to understand the risks. They wanted to know what legislation would be needed to protect consumers. They also sought to understand what fans thought about in-stadium betting kiosks.

The NFL has found that fans prefer sportsbook apps to actual betting kiosks. NFL broadcasters also add betting lines to the bottom of the screen. Currently, the league allows broadcasters to sell six sportsbook commercials per game to sportsbook operators. They also allow broadcasters to create free-play games.