NFL teams have signed a multi-year partnership with DraftKings, FanDuel, and Caesars Entertainment as their official sports betting partners. This will give these companies exclusive rights to NFL content. In addition, the NFL is planning to integrate betting content into its broadcasts starting this fall. The deal could help increase revenue for the NFL.

NBA, NHL, and MLB teams have also signed official betting deals with major sports betting companies. In addition, five NFL teams have signed marketing agreements with casinos. DraftKings, a popular sports betting site, recently added casino gaming and traditional betting to its offerings. And since the NBA is so popular, it seems likely that even more sports betting sites will join the fun.

Since the Supreme Court decision legalized sports betting in the United States, the number of bettors betting on sports has risen. In the last two years alone, the amount of money wagered with official betting operators grew 50 percent and the number of bets grew by 40 percent. While further growth is likely, interesting questions remain. One of the most interesting ones is what kind of golf betting will become mainstream, and how it will impact the Tour.

Currently, seven states offer legal sports betting. They have received nearly $8 billion in bets. And several more are poised to legalize sports betting by the end of 2023.