Sports betting is a popular activity amongst American bettors, particularly on Sundays. While there are games played throughout the week, football is by far the most popular, and it features a wide range of wagers and markets.

Currently, more than 32 states have legalized sports betting at one point or another. While four of those have yet to sustainably launch, that means more than half the country is in possession of some form of betting law.

In most cases, legal sportsbooks require direct ties to retail locations located in the state they are licensed in. That helps players avoid scams, and it also makes it easier to contact customer service should they need assistance.

The top US-based sportsbooks offer an excellent selection of betting options, including spreads and totals, moneylines, live in-play betting, and more. In addition, they offer a number of incentives, including merchandise giveaways and odds boosts.

Live betting is incredibly popular in the NFL, where there are often stoppages of play due to injuries and other issues. These stoppages can be costly for teams, and the ability to bet on the game in real time allows bettors to ride the momentum of the swings as each team adjusts.

Some states prohibit wagering on college players through mobile, and others do not allow any kind of college player props at all. It’s important to read your state’s laws closely to ensure you can place bets on college teams and events.