Official betting is a new way for sports fans to understand the odds of a game. The odds are not always easy to read, as there are a variety of factors that play into the outcome. Many teams, including the NFL, have signed deals with betting operators to incorporate gambling into their broadcasts and in-stadium experiences. The NFL estimates that official sports betting will generate $270 million in revenue this year. Other sportsbooks are now able to join in by signing their own deals with NFL teams.

The Detroit Tigers recently announced their first official betting partnership with PointsBet, an online betting website. The company was designated an Authorized Gaming Operator by MLB, giving it the right to use official MLB data, trademarks, and logos in its sports betting product. In addition, it is the official sports betting partner of NBC Sports, which broadcasts various MLB games. This partnership will provide opportunities for the integration of sports-betting content across NBC’s platforms. In addition, the Tigers will offer PointsBet branding at Comerica Park and on the Tigers’ radio network.