If you have ever watched an NFL game, you might have noticed a line at the bottom of the screen for a betting option. It is not a wager made before the event, but based on live events. This type of betting is called in-play. It involves microtransactions, less likely to include a spread, and often includes the next foul or tennis point.

The NFL is stepping up its involvement in gambling content and partnerships. The league has forged deals with betting operators, like DraftKings, to sell sportsbook commercials during games. It is also licensing its data to sportsbooks internationally. In addition, it has spoken to governing bodies about the pitfalls of legalizing sports betting.

The NFL is still figuring out how best to integrate gambling into its broadcasts. Currently, the league has six sportsbook commercials to sell during each game. It is also adding betting lines to its broadcasts. It is adding games to its lineup that are free-to-play.

The NFL has not banned betting at stadiums, but it has relegated kiosks to private areas. It has also licensed its official data to sportsbooks and enlisted the help of an analytics firm to monitor betting operations. In addition, it is monitoring the bets of players. This is to protect against corruption.

There are now several sportsbooks in Michigan. They are legally licensed by the Michigan Gaming Control Board. In addition, several are available online. The first retail sportsbooks will launch in Detroit in March 2020.