There are a variety of reasons that a league would want to have an official betting partnership with a sportsbook. A betting partnership could help promote a brand, increase revenue, or both. In addition to these reasons, some leagues worry that the use of unofficial data may compromise the integrity of a game.

One example of this is the recent agreement between the NBA and DraftKings. This partnership is expected to last for several years, and the NBA intends to make it as easy as possible for fans to place bets on their favorite players. In addition to this, the NBA and DraftKings are also expected to share betting data.

A sports betting partnership would help protect consumers by making the markets clear and transparent. It would also help prevent insider betting. The NFL also wants to protect consumers. To do this, it would be important for it to get the support of all 32 NFL team owners. In addition, the NFL has already started partnering with several sportsbooks to provide betting information to fans.

Another example of an official betting partnership is in the Australian Football League, where Crownbet is an official wagering partner. The English Premier League also has a partnership with gaming entities. Up until recently, gambling companies were barred from sponsoring NBA jerseys. But, in recent seasons, the league has allowed sportsbooks to be team sponsors.